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Choose our practice if you are looking for an optometrist in Victorville, CA. We offer many different kinds of eye care, from a routine eye exam to contact lenses and more. We can also help treat a variety of eye conditions, such as blurry vision.

We can provide care for your entire family. Our family eye doctor, Dr. Kyle Schell, is happy to provide his patients with the care that they need. Visit us at Kyle J. Schell O.D. for eye care in Victorville, CA. 

We Can Help You with Eye Focusing Issues

If you are experiencing issues with focusing your eyes, you can trust us to take care of these issues for you. We might first perform an eye exam to figure out why your eyes are having trouble focusing in the first place. After we have done this exam, we will devise a treatment plan for your specific condition. Dr. Schell will consult with you to help ensure that this treatment plan is tailored to your particular needs. Dr. Schell is trained to help patients with eye-focusing issues, so you can count on his experience for your treatment. 

What Are Some Causes of Eye Focusing Issues?

Our optometrist in Victorville, CA, would tell you a number of things can cause eye-focusing issues. Cataracts, refractive errors, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration might all cause eye focusing issues. Out of these causes, the most common cause of eye-focusing issues is refractive errors. 

How Do We Treat Eye Focusing Issues?

There are a few main ways that we treat eye-focusing issues. The first is by prescribing your own pair of eyeglasses. Wearing these eyeglasses can give you some relief from the visual issues that often accompany eye-focusing problems, such as refractive errors. However, eyeglasses are might not be enough to treat eye-focusing issues on their own. 

We can also help recommend a variety of other treatments to help you deal with blurry vision, depending on the cause. We might prescribe eye drops or other medications to help you with your condition. We might recommend you our for surgery if it becomes necessary.

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Stop by our practice for eye care from an optometrist in Victorville, CA. Dr. Schell is also a family eye doctor, so he can help your children with the eye issues that they have, too. We can also give you a routine eye exam, as well. Visit us at Kyle J. Schell, O.D., Inc today and benefit from our comprehensive eye care. Call us at (760) 241-1010 for more information.

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