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Eye And Vision Exams From Our Eye Doctor

Many people don't know what to expect in a comprehensive eye exam, especially if it is their first time visiting an optometrist or it has been many years since their last eye exams. Dr. Kyle J Schell, your optometrist in Victorville at Quality Eye Care in Victorville wants you to know what will happen when you come in for your vision exam.


Your vision exam will take about half an hour

You can expect to spend an hour with the optometric technician and optometrist for a comprehensive vision exam. Some of the tests are simple, like reading an eye chart. Some of the tests are complicated, such as using a powerful lens to visualize the structures inside your eyes and measuring the curvature of your cornea. Not every part of your vision exam is comfortable, but no part of your vision exam should be painful.

Your vision exam will usually start with a visual acuity test

Visual acuity tests measure the sharpness of your vision. You will read a chart projected onto a screen, and your optometrist will measure the sharpness of your near vision by having you read from a card you hold in your hand.

We will check for color blindness

Tests for color blindness can also uncover other problems affecting your color vision.

The optometrist will check how well your eyes work together

The simplest and most common test of how well your eyes coordinate with each other is the cover test. During a cover test, your optometrist will ask you to focus on an object a few feet away and then ask you to cover each of your eyes alternately while you gaze at the target. The doctor will ask you to repeat the test while looking an object the doctor holds in front of you. This test can detect strabismus (crossed eyes), and amblyopia (lazy eyes).

Eye exams include tests of eye movements

Your optometrist will do ocular motility testing to measure how well your eyes can track moving objects and how quickly they can move between two targets. This test has important implications for sports vision and for your risk of eye strain when you read.

And no vision exam is complete without refraction

Refraction is the part of your eye exam where your optometrist measures your refractive error to determine the prescription for eyewear that will best meet your needs. You will choose between lenses to determine the range of your visual system. It is normal for many of the choices to be blurry and you need not worry that making "wrong" choices will result in a bad prescription.

During your exam, your optometrist will be able to detect emerging problems such as retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts, and certain forms of neuromuscular disease before they begin to affect your sight. Early detection leads to timely treatment that saves your sight. Everyone needs an eye exam with their optometrist at least once a year, or even more often if you have a personal or family history of eye problems.

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