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Eye problems range in severity, with some being quite serious and others being treated when they are caught early on. When you have a complex eye issue, you rely on the professional care of a doctor to diagnose your condition and put together a treatment plan. Kyle Schell OD offers Victorville, CA residents the treatment they need for their most urgent issues.

Eye care services and optometry can help with some of the most serious eye conditions. These are the most common concerns a doctor can diagnose and treat.

Red, Dry Eyes

Red, dry eyes are among the most common conditions. Often, treating an allergy is enough to treat this issue. If you have burning, red eyes with occasional blurry vision, you could also have an infection. Infections can become quite serious, so you must report these symptoms to a professional to diagnose the condition as soon as possible. Antibiotics and other treatments can be greatly beneficial in treating this condition.


Sometimes, the nerves are damaged by an issue called glaucoma. Glaucoma can lead to blindness, and it often comes with no symptoms. Many people experience vision loss as the first indicator that something is wrong. Fortunately, a doctor can diagnose glaucoma by assessing the amount of pressure inside the eye. The condition is often treated with eye drops or surgery.


Cataracts are also common, especially in seniors. Cataracts make the lens of the eye opaque, often adding a haze to the eye. You should seek a diagnosis if you have blurry vision or experience glare. Surgery can remove the cataract and add an artificial lens to create normal vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy

One common condition that causes blindness is diabetic retinopathy. The good news is that this condition is highly preventable. Annual exams can spot retinopathy right away, which is important because the condition typically poses no symptoms in the initial stages. Screening is crucial to prevent blindness that this condition can cause, and treatment can come in the form of dietary changes and insulin treatment.

Optometry & Eye Care Services

As you can see, these are preventable conditions that can be treated if caught early. Kyle Schell OD provides optometry and other eye care services in Victorville, CA, ensuring you do not have to contend with these diseases. A regular eye examination can provide treatment for these preventable and treatable diseases so that you can avoid serious repercussions.

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